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Why Nelson Laminate ?


Exemplary Quality

Sustainable Furnishing that lasts decades to come.

  • 100% PHENOLIC (UREA FREE) & thus,
    • Highly flexible
    • Strong bonding
    • No harm to eyes & body
  • Premium Finish
  • Elegant designs
  • Pleasant Textures

Easy on your pocket.

‘TRULY UNMATCHABLE’ price that fits your budget easily

  • Without compromising the unmatchable quality
  • Use the best quality at the best rate to save for the worst time
  • How is it possible?
    • Personal attedence & countinuous supervision
    • Cutting out unnecessary expenditures
    • Chain of low profit margins & huge turn over

Sovereign Services.

Team NELSON is very sensitive to the needs of customers.

  • It is famous all over for its Quick and generous response.
  • Logistics : Powerful, Fast, Efficient
    That allow us to deliver 5 Thousand sheets and even 5 sheets with same Ease & Pleasure at your doorstep anywhere across India!